The Hanger Debacle

Since my first venture into town on Sunday, I have been convinced that this great land doesn’t have clothes hangers. Not, at least, the kind you buy. I thought that maybe the people who have them had to wait, much like I’m still waiting for my Hogwarts letter. Or maybe like kids have to wait for the tooth fairy. Like every morning, they open their sweet little eyes, rub them in shock at the sun pouring through the window until they realize it’s a brand new day, and they throw their little feet over the bed and RUN towards the closet with anticipation, THROW the doors open, only to realize that their hangers haven’t come in yet and life is still as disappointing as it will be the day they flunk their first algebra test. Or the day they still don’t get their Hogwarts letter. (Ahem.)

After my brief moment of self-pitying trauma, I got over the idea that I had to wait for a miracle and went on another search. On Monday. And Tuesday. No avail. No hope. Only a closet that looked like my suitcases vomited from exhaustion.

But today, folks. Today everything changed.

My wise old dad happened to mention yesterday (AFTER I got home, for the record) that the Poundland (dollar store) would be a good place to look. WHY DIDN’T I THINK OF THIS?

So you know what I did? I went to the Poundland. And they had hangers. You know what else I did? I BOUGHT THEM ALL. I’m not kidding you when I say this. I bought Tunbridge Wells out of hangers and I don’t have one single solitary regret. Because I’m a cold bitch like that. So, locals, if you’re looking to hang up that brand new shirt of yours, make sure you bring your hanger from the store home with you because THERE ARE NO MORE.

I’m happy to announce that the hanger debacle is officially over!

Love yourselves, darlings.

Em xo

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The Proverbial Wrench

And everything was going so well!

Not that this a very large wrench by any means, but it has put a kink in the flawless process so far. Don’t let anyone tell you this moving international thing is easy – even me! So today I managed to open up my bank account (yipee for small wins!) and discovered that here, with the bank I’ve signed up with, you don’t get your actual card for a week. Whomp whomp. Oh well, no big deal, right? Except totally a big deal. I now need to wait to get a phone because they need the card. The whole plan was to get account, get card, get phone, call about national insurance number. As the mid-section of my beautiful plan was crushed to smithereens, I thought okay, I’ll accept the long distance charge on my own phone. (It’s going to be a doozy of a bill anyway. Thank god I have a spare kidney to sell.) So I called about my National Insurance Number, and as it turns out I have to travel an hour outside of town to do an interview for it as I hold dual citizenship.


Oh well, such is life. So I, ever the opportunist, have booked myself a weekend in Maidstone. Does anyone have any suggestions? Is there anything I need to see? Fill me in! I’ll have Saturday afternoon and Sunday during the day to do some exploring.

Love yourselves, darlings.

Em xo

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Day 1

I’m happy to say that we’re back up and running! The cables I ordered from Apple the other day have arrived, so my battery level is slowly climbing back out of the red. I am able to charge my phone as well, which means total communication blackout is no longer a concern! Wahoo!

I spent my first full day in Tunbridge Wells doing a little bit of exploring. I was up and at it around nine thirty on Sunday morning, so I got myself dressed and went for a mosey around the shopping centre. I’m on a pretty frugal budget for now as I still need to open up a bank account, but what a lovely day it was. The sun was shining, the breeze was cool, and said shopping centre is only ten minutes away from the house. I went to Marks and Spencer (for the Canadians who have been here before and the Brits who know the significance of this, no, I did not buy underpants, just a lovely beetroot and horseradish chutney that accompanied my cheese and cracker dinner marvelously) and had a nice drink out in a courtyard where I listened to a lady play her fiddle for about half an hour. I had a good chat with my biff, convinced her that the ‘Bottom Shop’ didn’t just sell the bottom of things, and was regaled with tales of long weekend plans got awry due to some pretty horrific weather. I heard my grandmother in my ear saying “if you wait for the weather you won’t do anything”, but a day at the beach avec threats of thunder and lightening is historically disastrous, so I gave her a pass this time.

Today has been a bit of a dud. I had to wait for my delivery to show up, which meant I couldn’t leave the house until I had signed for it. But I am quite efficient at relaxing (one of my better qualities) and took the time to chill and plan for the next few days.  I’m now sitting on my bed, typing to you lovely people and listening to the church bells chime and the rain pattering on my windows. I did giggle along with everyone that made the jokes (‘Enjoy the sun while you’re here, you’ll never see it again!’) but I have to admit this kind of weather zens me out. It’s a little less fun to get around in now that I don’t have a vehicle, but hey. I’m adaptable.

I also had a chat with my cousin this morning and I’m trying to make plans to head up north for the long weekend at the end of August. My first round of attempting to buy train tickets, coming to a theatre near you soon. >.< I took a look online last night and it looks like an overly complicated process. Either that or it was sheer exhaustion confusing me – I’ll take another look tonight when I get home. If I’m still confused, it’ll just be because I’m a dumbass.

I have dinner scheduled this evening with one of the girls from the office, so I need to go make myself presentable (it takes a LONG time). This is Yatesey, over and out!

Love yourselves, darlings.

Em xo

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So This is Itmas

I’m here! And I couldn’t be happier!

I tried to post last night, but I happily admit that sleep prevailed. So I’ll give you the rundown.

A few weeks ago, my landlady asked me how I was getting to Tunbridge Wells, and I filled her in on my quest for train times. She shut me down shortly on that one, and I am ever grateful to her for being there at arrivals to pick me up yesterday. It was so nice to walk out to a familiar face, never mind one that knew the way home. I got to meet my other roommate and to make a long story short, I know I’m going to be happy in this house. They’re both wonderful people. G took me out when we got back to Tunbridge Wells to make sure I had all the basics – pillows, a duvet, bedding and a few towels – and let me tell you I tricked myself out! Doesn’t this just make you want to curl up and take a nap? I did, indeed, do just that. At five thirty, I was reading my book and then all of a sudden it was seven thirty and I thought I was in a new galaxy.

Screen shot 2016-07-31 at 6.46.13 AM

The original plan for last night was to go out in town locally with a few of G’s friends, but the plans changed to a night out in London. I knew that a night out in London was probably not the best choice for me, as I usually go into power-down mode around midnight after a flight like Friday night’s, so G and I spent the night in with the ‘The Only Way is Essex’ (FASCINATING) and a take-away. Honestly, it was perfect. Both of us were dead to the world around ten, and I slept until 9:30 this morning.

It’s been a pretty lazy morning so far, but I was snuggling with Marley, can you blame me? Look at this little guy.Screen shot 2016-07-31 at 6.48.05 AM.png

But I do need to get my ass in gear as I’ve got get some stuff done today. So I’ll leave you with this; as hard as leaving home was, I don’t have a single second thought about coming here. I’ve lucked out in the roommate, cat (still have to work on convincing Pancake that I’m alright, but Marley and me are best buds) and location departments – this town is really beautiful and after my brief tour yesterday, I have so much to explore and uncover. I feel like a kid at Christmas – happy happy joyful!

I’ve had to order a few new cables for my phone and my laptop so if I don’t post for a few days it’s because me ol macbook has died, but I should have everything I need by Tuesday.

Love yourselves, darlings.

Emily xo

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It’s Not Goodbye

I promised the good, the bad and the ugly, didn’t I?

Tomorrow doesn’t feel real – although technically, as I write, it was tomorrow 1 hour and 32 minutes ago. I thought for a little while this evening that if I didn’t go to sleep, I wouldn’t have to worry about this part – the last night in my home. I have to confess it’s making me more emotional than I thought it would.

I sit here looking around at the walls that have been my homestead, my safe haven, the place where I hold most of my memories and a little piece of my heart is breaking. I know it’s just four walls and a roof, and I can take my memories with me wherever I go, but knowing that once I wake up in the morning, I won’t be waking up here again for quite some time is incredibly bittersweet. This is my home. This is where my people are. As excited as I am for my new adventure, this will always be my home.

This is always where my people will be.

I read somewhere that being sad to go doesn’t mean you should stay. I am sad to go – right now, sadder than I’ve been through this whole process. But under that heavy weight is still that glimmer of hope, of excitement, of knowing that something new is just around the bend. Not being front and centre for the things going on at home doesn’t mean I’m missing out on everything – it just means that I’m doing my own everything, and I get to share all of those things – my stories and theirs – with the people I love the most.

So with that in mind, I’m going to dry my eyes and bid you all goodnight. When I wake up, I can let it be tomorrow.

Love yourselves, darlings.

Em xo

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My Brain on Packing

It really is amazing how much shit one person can accumulate in the span of 15 years.

My family has always moved around. I was born in North Bay and lived in Mississauga, England and Saudi Arabia all before the age of five. This is house number 5 for me since we came back from the Middle East – we’ve been here for fifteen years now and I’m positive that somewhere in the deepest darkest parts of my brain, I thought ‘OMG WE’RE STAYING STILL! I NEED TO KEEP ALL THE THINGS!’ And keep the things I did, and regret it I do. Let me tell you, by the end of tonight I’m going to be ready to hire someone with a John Deere to come in and shovel all this shit out of here. The funny thing is, I remember looking at some of these things and thinking ‘I’ll love this forever!’ I’m looking at them now thinking, ‘What on God’s green earth are you still doing here?’ Needless to say, I have piles, and piles, and piles of stuff that needs to go. I’ve got stacks for our local Salvation Army (if you’re a crafter in Georgetown, I discovered a new hidden stash of wool that I had big plans for that I’m donating – go shopping, tomorrow!) a ton of books for my local library (BECAUSE KIDS SHOULD STILL BE READING. I’ll save my Pokemon-Go rant for another post) and bags and bags of useless junk that I wouldn’t leave on my worst enemy’s doorstep. (Well. It was a thought. But hey.)

Here’s a little something for those with a long memory and happy childhood memories. Look what I found in a pile of old things!

Screen shot 2016-07-28 at 12.20.52 AM

I’m positive that if there were still any CD Plus stores out there, I could buy them out with this here card.

So now I’m left with clothes and a few of my most prized treasures, some special gifts from some special people, and that’s it. My room is naked. There is no art left on the walls. Tomorrow, the closet and dresser will be emptied into two suitcases that will contain all my worldly goods. As strange as it is to be in here with my naked walls and empty closet, it’s a bit of a relief. I’ve come to the conclusion over the past few weeks of excavating this place that I need much less stuff than I ever thought I did.

Life lessons for this evening?

  1. I will not buy crafty things unless I’m making said crafty thing in the immediate future.
  2. I will no longer buy bath and beauty products in bulk because sweet Jesus…thank goodness I have friends that enjoy smelling good.
  3. I am going to embrace this whole electronic age thing a little more. It kills me to say it, but after having to get rid of a thousand books and five billion old CD’s (may be a slight exaggeration, but just a slight) I’ve come to terms with the fact that unless it’s Harry Potter, it can be kept away in a tiny device that is much easier to transport than the five hundred pound boxes that are being delivered to their respective places tomorrow.
  4. No one needs this many candles. Or notebooks.

So now the plan is to try and stay minimal, so that if by chance I win the lottery and end up moving to the Isle of Capri, it’ll be a piece of cake. Wish me luck, please and thank you. (On both fronts!)

Love yourselves, darlings.

Em xo

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The Beginning

It feels like the hands on the clock have flown by. As of May 9th, I had three months to prepare for the biggest move of my life so far. Now I’m sitting here at four days, and I have no idea where the time went. It’s overwhelming, and scary, and awesome, and exciting, and a little bittersweet, but the fireworks in my belly and the joy in my heart tell me that this new adventure I’m embarking on is the best decision I’ve ever made for myself.

In four sweet, short days, I’ll say ‘see you later’ to my family and friends (it will never be goodbye) and hop on my one-way flight to the UK. No one was surprised when I applied for the transfer with work. It’s been a long time coming, a dream I’ve had for years, and it’s finally mine. No more dreaming. I don’t expect it to be a fairytale, I don’t expect it to be easy, but what’s life without the surprise? I’m up for the new challenges, the new experiences and the complete escape from my comfort zone.

I can’t say enough about the love and support I’ve received over the last three months. I don’t know if I’d be as calm and collected as I am now without it – honestly. I’d give myself a few weeks in before I turned into a basket case. If someone you love is preparing for a move like this, give them that love and support. Ask them the questions, the hard ones if you feel like they’re making a rash decision, but if you see it’s right for them, then love them while they’re still right in front of you because those are the feelings they’ll remember when it’s time to go.  If you’re preparing for a move like this yourself, keep a few things in mind.

  1. Don’t think too hard. That may sound like a horrible piece of advice, but in today’s world, we tend to think of everything that could go wrong. There are a LOT of answers for what could go wrong – I’m actually usually the worst for that. But I knew in my heart that this is what I wanted. I knew that if I didn’t take the opportunity, I’d be sitting here twenty years from now, wondering what would have happened if I had just taken the chance. If you’re where I was three months ago, take the chance. If you don’t, it will haunt you. If it crashes and burns? At least you gave it your all.
  2. Saying farewell is going to suck. A lot. It doesn’t matter how excited you are, you will deflate as soon as you see a coworker, friend or family member cry. It happens, and it’s okay to have a boo-hoo yourself. Give yourself that, give them that, because it does hurt to leave the people you love behind. Don’t let anyone tell you it’s not okay to be upset. This is your decision, this is your life, but these are also the people you love. It’s okay to know you’ll miss them.
  3. After this deflation, take a deep breath and relax. Give yourself at least fifteen minutes to get yourself together, dry your eyes and pick yourself up. You may have a heavy heart, but if you still feel that jitter of excitement in your chest, you have, 100%, without a doubt, made the right decision. Hold on to that and don’t let go.

So I’m going to chronicle the adventure as best as I can, as honestly as I can, because I think that’s important. The good, the bad and the ugly – it’ll all be here, raw and bare and as transparent as I can get.

If you have any advice for me, or have any questions about this emotional process, please get in touch with me.

Love yourselves, darlings.

Em xo

⇒ please note that while I would love to claim responsibility for the badassery of the feature image used in this post, I regret to inform you that it was not taken and is not owned by me. click here for original image. ⇐