It’s Not Goodbye

I promised the good, the bad and the ugly, didn’t I?

Tomorrow doesn’t feel real – although technically, as I write, it was tomorrow 1 hour and 32 minutes ago. I thought for a little while this evening that if I didn’t go to sleep, I wouldn’t have to worry about this part – the last night in my home. I have to confess it’s making me more emotional than I thought it would.

I sit here looking around at the walls that have been my homestead, my safe haven, the place where I hold most of my memories and a little piece of my heart is breaking. I know it’s just four walls and a roof, and I can take my memories with me wherever I go, but knowing that once I wake up in the morning, I won’t be waking up here again for quite some time is incredibly bittersweet. This is my home. This is where my people are. As excited as I am for my new adventure, this will always be my home.

This is always where my people will be.

I read somewhere that being sad to go doesn’t mean you should stay. I am sad to go – right now, sadder than I’ve been through this whole process. But under that heavy weight is still that glimmer of hope, of excitement, of knowing that something new is just around the bend. Not being front and centre for the things going on at home doesn’t mean I’m missing out on everything – it just means that I’m doing my own everything, and I get to share all of those things – my stories and theirs – with the people I love the most.

So with that in mind, I’m going to dry my eyes and bid you all goodnight. When I wake up, I can let it be tomorrow.

Love yourselves, darlings.

Em xo

⇒ please note that while I would love to claim responsibility for the badassery of the feature image used in this post, I regret to inform you that it was not taken and is not owned by me. click here for original image. ⇐


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