My Brain on Packing

It really is amazing how much shit one person can accumulate in the span of 15 years.

My family has always moved around. I was born in North Bay and lived in Mississauga, England and Saudi Arabia all before the age of five. This is house number 5 for me since we came back from the Middle East – we’ve been here for fifteen years now and I’m positive that somewhere in the deepest darkest parts of my brain, I thought ‘OMG WE’RE STAYING STILL! I NEED TO KEEP ALL THE THINGS!’ And keep the things I did, and regret it I do. Let me tell you, by the end of tonight I’m going to be ready to hire someone with a John Deere to come in and shovel all this shit out of here. The funny thing is, I remember looking at some of these things and thinking ‘I’ll love this forever!’ I’m looking at them now thinking, ‘What on God’s green earth are you still doing here?’ Needless to say, I have piles, and piles, and piles of stuff that needs to go. I’ve got stacks for our local Salvation Army (if you’re a crafter in Georgetown, I discovered a new hidden stash of wool that I had big plans for that I’m donating – go shopping, tomorrow!) a ton of books for my local library (BECAUSE KIDS SHOULD STILL BE READING. I’ll save my Pokemon-Go rant for another post) and bags and bags of useless junk that I wouldn’t leave on my worst enemy’s doorstep. (Well. It was a thought. But hey.)

Here’s a little something for those with a long memory and happy childhood memories. Look what I found in a pile of old things!

Screen shot 2016-07-28 at 12.20.52 AM

I’m positive that if there were still any CD Plus stores out there, I could buy them out with this here card.

So now I’m left with clothes and a few of my most prized treasures, some special gifts from some special people, and that’s it. My room is naked. There is no art left on the walls. Tomorrow, the closet and dresser will be emptied into two suitcases that will contain all my worldly goods. As strange as it is to be in here with my naked walls and empty closet, it’s a bit of a relief. I’ve come to the conclusion over the past few weeks of excavating this place that I need much less stuff than I ever thought I did.

Life lessons for this evening?

  1. I will not buy crafty things unless I’m making said crafty thing in the immediate future.
  2. I will no longer buy bath and beauty products in bulk because sweet Jesus…thank goodness I have friends that enjoy smelling good.
  3. I am going to embrace this whole electronic age thing a little more. It kills me to say it, but after having to get rid of a thousand books and five billion old CD’s (may be a slight exaggeration, but just a slight) I’ve come to terms with the fact that unless it’s Harry Potter, it can be kept away in a tiny device that is much easier to transport than the five hundred pound boxes that are being delivered to their respective places tomorrow.
  4. No one needs this many candles. Or notebooks.

So now the plan is to try and stay minimal, so that if by chance I win the lottery and end up moving to the Isle of Capri, it’ll be a piece of cake. Wish me luck, please and thank you. (On both fronts!)

Love yourselves, darlings.

Em xo

⇒ please note that while I would love to claim responsibility for the badassery of the feature image used in this post, I regret to inform you that it was not taken and is not owned by me. click here for original image. ⇐


2 thoughts on “My Brain on Packing

  1. Virginia Carney says:

    I went through the exact same process getting ready to move! It’s so refreshing to do a life over-haul, and then get to start from scratch in a new place and choose what you actually NEED. Best of luck with your move Emily! xo

    • Hello, Darling says:

      Thanks so much Ginny! Yeah it’s been quite a process but it does feel good to offload. The guys at the Salvation Army loved me today lol! I hope you and Edward are doing well xo

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